Anonymous asked:
Going back to my post about being tied up im a girl and having that stuff done to me would make me wet haha how do you resist that feeling

Most of the time we’re taking the piss while we do it so it doesn’t bother me :L

Anonymous asked:
But nicole cum or squirt what feels better? You did say ask anything so i am haha :)

Wouldn’t know, never done the second one

Anonymous asked:
To be rubbed or fingered?

Either as long as it’s good.

Anonymous asked:
You know when you get tied up and stuff dont looking at some of your photos dont you feel really horny and just think fuck it i want sex ..

No because it’s in a professional environment. It’s not a sexual one in the slightest

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Anonymous asked:
I've discussed it with everyone and were ALL moving from lounge to your pub now lounge has closed. Hope you're ready to do some actual work lazybum :p

Who is this?
But yeah, that’s totally fine. Get enough people with a decent music taste and I’ll be allowed to put Kerang on more often!

Feel free to message me or ask me shit (:
Chilling out for a bit before bed seems I’ve just finished work, so I’ll answer anything (:

If I could, I will stop the sun from rising because I want the nights I spend with you to last forever.
I know when the sun rises, I have to go. Even when my heart says no.