I was doing so well and now I just feel like I’ve missed a step on the ladder and fallen right back down.
So disappointed in myself.

Wonder how excited the vibrating lady will be when she finds out I’m moving to Leeds in 18 days.
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There is no shame in sending nude photos. There is shame in breaking the trust of someone who sent you them by showing other people.


There’s nothing ‘slutty’ about trusting someone enough to send them photos of yourself naked, or having the confidence to do so.

I have a weird fear of fireworks and thunder for the loud noise. But I only have one phobia, it was pointed out and basically diagnosed by my old therapist.
And it’s been getting so much worse recently, even my parents have noticed.
I’m scared as to how much worse it’s going to get, because I keep ending up hurt and let down. And it’s going to end up getting me into a lot of trouble.

Sexting is so awkward, almost as awkward as constant eye contact during sex. They are two things that make me really uncomfortable.


hi im here to ruin everything 

Anonymous asked:
When did you last have sex

I don’t see how this information benefits you.

Talk to meeee/ask me shit!!

I forgot it could be that good!

Nothing that makes me happy lasts. I always fuck it up.
I swear I can’t do anything right.